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Kayaking is a popular Ontario sport. 

Whether you are paddling around Lake of the Woods or the many smaller lakes in the area, it is a great way to explore. 

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced kayaker or have never even held a paddle, lessons are available for people of all skill levels. 

You can rent and explore the lake on your own or even have a guide take you out to some of the most incredible locations!



Fishing in the Kenora area is a year round activity. 

During the summer months you can enjoy some relaxing catch and release, or perhaps enjoy some fresh fish for dinner. 

Ice fishing is popular in the winter as well. 

No matter what your pleasure, Kenora, and the surrounding area, have rich opportunities for fishing. 

Lake of the Woods is a well known body of water and popular for seasoned fishermen and there are guides available for those just starting out. 

You can join them on their boat and explore the popular fishing areas. This is especially useful if you don’t have a pleasure craft operator license. Boat rentals are also available.



One of the best ways to explore Lake of the Woods area is by bike! 

Take advantage of the green and natural areas throughout our neighbourhoods and tour along the Lake of the Woods waterfront. 

Our cabins are close to a network of recreational routes connecting you to Kenora’s downtown and key attractions. 



Lake of the Woods is one of the most sought after lakes in Canada for recreational activities. Kenora, and Lake of the Woods, is a premier boating destination and has been featured in “Boating Life” magazine. 

Built along the pristine shores of the Lake of the Woods, Kenora offers a starting point for a variety of boating adventures such as motor boating, houseboat rentals, sailing, kayaking and canoeing. Kenora is filled with knowledgeable and experienced outfitters and operators that can assist you in planning your boating adventure.

It has 14,522 islands which are accessible by boat, and will always be a unique experience enjoyed by both citizens of the town of Kenora and its visitors. 

Disclaimer: All drivers must hold a valid boating licence.